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Alain Leroy (Japanese: アラン・ルロワ, Aran Rurowa) is the father and coach of Jean-Jacques Leroy.

Background Edit

Alain and his wife are former Ice Dance Olympic Champions.

Appearance Edit

Alain has short gray hair that is hidden by the cap he is always seen wearing, which has a maple leaf on it. He has thick eyebrows and blue eyes.

Relationships Edit

Jean-Jacques Leroy Edit

JJ is Alain's oldest son, whom Alain also coaches. During the Barcelona GPF, Alain reveals his care for JJ, stating that he would be supportive of JJ no matter what score JJ got[1].

Nathalie Leroy Edit

Nathalie is Alain's wife. The two are often seen together rinkside, cheering their son on. They unintentionally have same mannerisms like nodding in sync[2]. The two were present at and are supportive of JJ's engagement to Isabella[3].

References Edit

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