Hello! Interested in becoming an admin? Great! Before you send in a request to a bureaucrat, please read the administrator page and consider the following.

  • Requests For Adminship: Closed
  • Requests For Moderators and Rollbacks: Closed
  • Depending on how much needs to be done and how big this community is will dictate how many admins and mods will be needed.
  • You should be dedicated to the wiki (making edits every day is not necessary).
  • You must have a high degree of activity for more than three weeks.
  • You should still be an active member.
  • You should not quit being an active member right after becoming an admin or mod.
  • You should have never been blocked from this wiki.
  • You should have been following the rules of this wiki.
  • Note that your admin or mod rights could be taken away if you do not abide to the wiki regulations or are inactive for a very long time
At least two admins or one bureaucrat should agree that you should become an admin, moderator, or rollback.
Just because you follow the above list does not mean you will automatically become an admin. Those are just the minimum requirements. Those who do more than this will have a better chance.
Any questions can be asked in the comment section below or on a bureaucrat's message wall.