"Duet: Stay Close to Me (Japanese: デュエット《離れずにそばにいて》, Dyuetto “hanarezu ni soba ni ite”; Italian: Duetto: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare)" is the duet version of "Aria: Stay Close to Me", composed by Taku Matsushiba, who conducts Ensemble FOVE. The piece features tenor Kazuma Kudou and soprano Rinko Matsubara.

Yuuri Katsuki performs to this song for his exhibition skate, and is later joined on the ice by Victor Nikiforov, after which they perform a couple's skate to the conclusion of the song.


Sento una voce che piange lontano
Anche tu, sei stato forse abbandonato?

Orsù finisca presto questo calice di vino
e inizio a prepararmi
Adesso fa’ silenzio

[Tenor & Soprano]
Stammi vicino, non te ne andare
Ho paura di perderti

[Tenor] Le tue mani, [Soprano] le tue gambe,
[Tenor] Le mie mani, [Soprano] le mie gambe,
[Tenor & Soprano]
e i battiti del cuore
si fondono tra loro

Partiamo insieme

Ora sono pronto



[Tenor & Soprano]

[Tenor] あなたの手が [Soprano] 足が
[Tenor] わたしの手が [Soprano] 足が
[Tenor & Soprano]



Tōku de naite iru koe ga suru
Omae mo dareka ni hitsuyō to sa renakatta no ka?

Kono wain o nomihoshitara
Junbi o hajimeyou
Ima wa shizukani shite kure

[Tenor & Soprano]
Hanarezu ni soba ni ite
Anata o ushinau hodo kowai mono wanai

[Tenor] Anata no te ga [Soprano] ashi ga
[Tenor] Watashi no te ga [Soprano] ashi ga
[Tenor & Soprano]
Kodō ga
Majiri au

Tomoni tabidatou

Junbi wa dekiru

I hear a voice weeping in the distance
Have you maybe been abandoned as well?

Come now, I'll quickly finish this glass of wine
I’ll start to get ready
Be quiet now

[Tenor & Soprano]
Stay close to me, don’t go away
I’m afraid of losing you

[Tenor] Your hands, [Soprano] your legs,
[Tenor] My hands, [Soprano] my legs,
[Tenor & Soprano]
And our heartbeats
Are blending together

Let's leave together

I'm ready now

Trivia Edit

  • This couple's skate is called a "similar pair" because the pair consists of the same gender.
  • (More trivia regarding this song can be found on the Aria's page)

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