Skate 6 - China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program

Guang Hong is first seen winning bronze at the Skate America competition, on the podium with Leo and Otabek. In China, Leo asks him to go meet with Phichit to eat hot pot. He refuses at first, stating that he does not really like hot pot, but when Leo mentions that Victor is there, he quickly agrees, eager to see the senior skater. However, when he reaches the restaurant, he is mildly terrified at the sight of drunk Victor stripping.

During competition day, Guang Hong fawns over Christophe Giacometti and Victor together with Leo and Phichit. At the competition day, he goes second among the named characters for the short program. He places 6th for the short program.

Skate 7 - China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Free Program


Guang Hong disappointed with his score

Guang Hong goes first in the free program with "The Inferno" from Shanghai Blade as his chosen music, and "bonds and violence" for the theme. His coach tells him to become China's hero, but he wonders how he will do that when his program features him as an assassin.

During his program, Guang Hong envisions himself as the protagonist of the story, infiltrating an enemy organization. When the situation worsens, he encounters into an unexpected ally, envisioned by him as Leo. He also imagines the boss of the enemy organization as Georgi. In the end, he takes a bullet in order to save Leo's life. He lands almost all of his jumps in the program cleanly but misses a land and over-rotates a jump. Despite this, he enthrals the audience and allows them to feel the excitement of his program.

Guang Hong becomes upset and frustrated with his score when it is announced, and vows to stop using social media as much in order to practice more and improve.

Skate 10 - Gotta Supercharge it! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special!

Guang Hong is briefly shown talking over the phone with Leo at the end of the episode, as they want to watch the Grand Prix Final short program together via livestream.

Skate 11 - Gotta Super-Supercharge it!! Grand Prix Final Short Program

During a flashback before Yuri's short program, it is shown that Guang Hong won bronze at the Golden Spin, held just before the Grand Prix Final.

Final Skate - Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it!!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate

Guang Hong and Leo both watch the livestream of the GPF Free Skate together. Guang Hong cheers for Phichit in Chinese while watching Phichit's performance.

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