In Regards to Love ~Agape~ (愛について~Agape~) is composed by Tarou Umebayashi and sung by Ryuutarou Sugiyama. Yuri Plisetsky performs to this piece for his short program, which is chosen for him and choreographed by Victor Nikiforov.

Description Edit

The song has a main subject parallel to that of In Regards to Love: Eros; however, both songs have opposing themes. It is sung in Latin by a male soprano, and mainly consists of orchestral instruments. The song is written in B minor.

The word agape comes from one of the four Ancient Greek words for "love". Agape represents unconditional love, and as such, the song is of a slower tempo than its opposing theme, Eros. The song maintains an ethereal and gentle feel throughout, but is also melancholy.

Lyrics Edit

Sic mea vita est temporaria, cupit
ardenter caritatem aeternam

Credam, dabo, sperabo, honorabo,
laborabo, gratias agam!

Et denique aperiens fores occultas,
nobis, grandis et clara nosque curabit
nobis, grandis et clara nosque curabit

magna magna, caritas
Ah! Audio vocem tuam!
Adest mi libertas!

Mea vita amabit, caritatis pacem.
Hanc felicitatem aeternam esse oro.






Kono sei wa, gekijō ni karare, mabataki nogotoku tsukanoma no koto
Negawakuba eien no ai o

Shinjiru, sasageru, motomeru, agameru,
Tsutome, kansha shimasu

Tsuini wa kakusa reta tobira wa aka re
ōinaru okokoro ga arawarete
Seimeina iyashi o motarasu

ōinaru, ōinaru kami no ai ga
Aa, anata no koe ga kikoeru
Watashi wa tsuini jiyū o te ni shita noda

Kono sei wa, kono ai ga motarasu heian
Kono shiawase ga eien ni tsudzuku yō ni to, watashi wa inoru

Since my life is only temporary, it desires
ardently the eternal love

I will believe, I will give, I will wait, I will honor
I will work, I will give thanks

And at the end, opening doors hidden
to us, solemn and famous, it will take care of us
to us, solemn and famous, it will take care of us

The grand, grand Mercy.
Ah! I hear your voice
My freedom is near!

My life with love, the peace of benevolence
That this is the eternal happiness, I pray.

Trivia Edit

  • The dubbed version of the anime refers to this song as "On Love: Agape".

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