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"In Regards to Love: Eros" (Japanese: 愛について~Eros~, Ainitsuite ~Eros~) is composed by Taku Matsushiba featuring Okijin. Yuuri Katsuki performs this piece for his short program, which is chosen for him and choreographed by Victor Nikiforov.

Description Edit

The song has a main subject parallel to that of In Regards to Love: Agape; however, both songs have opposing themes. It is purely instrumental and contains instruments commonly found in Spanish flamencos.

The word eros comes from one of the four Ancient Greek words for "love". Eros represents sexual passion and desire, and, as such, the song is of a faster tempo than its opposing theme, and there is no single main instrument. The song maintains an upbeat feel throughout.

Trivia Edit

  • The dubbed version of the anime refers to this song as "On Love: Eros".

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