Ketty Abelashvili (Japanese: ケッチ・アベラシュヴィリ, Kecchi Aberashuviri) is the in-series composer of Yuri on ICE and a friend of Yuuri's and Phichit's.

Background Edit

Ketty is a conservatory music student. She met Yuuri and Phichit while the two were studying in Detroit. Ketty has helped compose music for Yuuri in the past, and also composes a piece for him for his free skate.

Appearance Edit

While Ketty's face has not been shown, Ketty has shoulder-length dark curly hair and tan skin. Her fingernails are painted red.

Personality Edit

Not much is shown of Ketty's personality, but she was kind enough to write Yuuri's free skate music for him twice, and let Yuuri keep the piece he did not use. Ketty bears no ill-feelings towards Yuuri for not having used the first piece.

Relationships Edit

Yuuri Katsuki Edit

Yuuri and Ketty are friends from Yuuri's time studying in Detroit. Yuuri asked Ketty to help him compose a demo for his free skate revolving around his life as a skater, but ended up not using it. Ketty let Yuuri keep the demo as a memory. Later on, Yuuri was able to get back in contact with Ketty and request her to compose another song, which Ketty does. Yuuri eventually choreographs a free skate to the song, and names the piece "Yuri on ICE".

Phichit Chulanont Edit

Phichit and Ketty are friends from Yuuri's time studying in Detroit. Upon Yuuri's request, Phichit was able to contact Ketty via the help of other connections, whom Yuuri had lost contact with.


  • Ketty might hail from the nation of Georgia. The surname Abelashvili comes from the Kakheti region of Georgia. Her first name may be a diminutive for "Ketevan" which is Georgian for "Katherine".

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