Skate 4 - Like Yourself... And Complete the Free Program!!

Celestino was the first to mention the demo composed by Ketty when he received a call from Yuuri and Victor. Although not opposed to it, Celestino does not recommend using the demo, to which Yuuri had no confidence to insist on using. Victor demands to hear the piece, but also decides that the piece was lacking.

Yuuri, upset by this development, contacts Phichit and talks about the demo that Ketty had written. Yuuri recalls telling Ketty that he would not use the piece in the end, but Ketty insisted in letting Yuuri keep the piece. Yuuri feels that the friendship between him and Ketty has been negatively affected by that development, but Phichit reassures Yuuri that Ketty bears no ill-feelings towards Yuuri, and offers to find Ketty's contact.

After successfully getting in touch with Ketty via Phichit, Yuuri informs Victor that a new free skate piece would be written, and meanwhile, spends his training time learning to land jumps. Yuuri finally receives the song from Ketty and excitedly plays it for Victor, who takes an instant liking to it. Yuuri and Victor then choreograph Yuuri's free skate to the song. When Victor asks what Yuuri would name Ketty's composition, Yuuri chooses to name it Yuri On ICE.

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