Leo de la Iglesia (Japanese: レオ・デ・ラ・イグレシア, Reo De Ra Igureshia) is an American figure skater and choreographer featured in Yuri!!! on Ice.


Leo is Mexican-American. He has many fans among fellow skaters, and his social media updates are generally largely anticipated and well-received by his fans.

He won gold at Skate America during the current season, but did not place at the Cup of China.


LE Chara

Leo has medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and thick eyebrows. He usually parts his hair in the center, and ties it back during competition.

Short Program

During his short program, Leo wears a gold suit with rolled-up sleeves, orange trim, gloves, and gold accents.


Leo treasures his friends greatly and is always thinking of them while performing. He tries to enjoy all of his competitions as much as possible.

He's very creative and choreographs most of his programs, which are overflowing with originality. He is also willing to change his programs to adapt to the competition.[1]


Guang Hong Ji

Guang Hong Ji with Leo

Leo with Guang Hong Ji.

He and Guang Hong are very good friends, as shown when Leo told Guang-Hong he was concerned for him because Guang-Hong didn't answer his messages.[1] Both of them love SNS and competed in Skate America and the Cup of China.

Phichit Chulanont

He and Phichit seem to be good friends. Both of them love SNS and compete in the Cup of China.

Victor Nikiforov

Leo looks up to Victor as a skater who does his own choreography.[2]



Leo choreographs his own programs. They're popular among skating fans for their originality and how well they showcase his abilities as a skater.


Leo does not have any quads, but is still able to score highly by strategically placing his triples and maximizing his components.


Short - Still Alive

Still Alive is a Christian R&B song with a rap accompaniment. It is one of Leo's favorite songs, and he states that he just wants to skate the way he sees the music.

The program itself does not have any quads, but rather hinges on Leo's ability to maximize his compenents score. The jumps are, in order, a Triple Axel with what seems to be a back-counter entrance, a Triple Flip-Triple Toe in combination, and a Triple Lutz.

Free - Ombra mai fu


  • "It's a song that I like, so I want to skate to my image of it. That's all."[1] (To himself)
  • "I want to fill this world with things I like!"[1] (To himself)
  • "All I know for sure is that I have no idea how I would've found courage in myself if I hadn't come across music."[1] (To himself)


  • Leo is a constant updater of his SNS accounts.
  • Leo's name translates from Spanish to "Leo of the Church".


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