Min-so Park (Korean: 박민소; Japanese: パク・ミンソ, Paku Minso) is Seung-gil Lee's coach.

Appearence Edit

Min-so is a middle-aged woman with dark medium-length hair which end in curls, dark eyes, and thin eyebrows.

Relationships Edit

Seung-gil Lee Edit

Min-so is single-minded with Seung-gil, insisting that all of Seung-gil's effort should work towards the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. She is pleased when Seung-gil performs well for the Rostelecom Cup short program, and outwardly shows her disappointment when the skater fails to perform up to standard for the free skate. She does not show much emotional support towards Seung-gil. Seung-gil is often seen beside Min-so, but he shows almost no emotional closeness with his coach.

Quotes Edit

  • Seung-gil, are you listening to me? Everything you do is for PyeongChang![1] (to Seung-gil)

References Edit

  1. Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 8

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