Nathalie Leroy (Japanese: ナタリー・ルロワ, Natarii Rurowa) is the mother and coach of Jean-Jacques Leroy.

Background Edit

Nathalie and her husband are former Ice Dance Olympic champions.

Appearance Edit

Nathalie has medium-length red hair with short bangs in the front, olive eyes, and sharp eyebrows. She wears glasses with square, white frames.

Relationships Edit

Jean-Jacques Leroy Edit

JJ is Nathalie's oldest son, whom Nathalie also coaches. JJ is very close to his mother. When JJ was young, he was excited to show his mother his skating abilities.[1] Even when older, JJ is willing to show his weakness in front of his mother, crying and apologizing when he was under heavy pressure for the Barcelona GPF. Nathalie anxiously alerts JJ from rinkside when her son failed to notice the song had started for the free program, but still smiled at watching JJ perform, even when her son was not at his best.[1]

Alain Leroy Edit

Alain is Nathalie's husband and former ice dancing partner. The both of them have similar mannerisms such as nodding at JJ's performances[2]. Both of them are present at JJ's proposal to Isabella, smiling in support.[3]

References Edit

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