Satsuki Muramoto (Japanese: 村元 小月, Muramoto Satsuki) is Phichit's second coach[1] in Bangkok.

Appearance Edit

Satsuki has shoulder-length black hair that is parted on the right. Her eyes are dark grey. She wears dangling earrings on both of her ears.

Relationships Edit

Phichit Chulanont Edit

Satsuki is one of Phichit's coaches after the latter returns to train in Bangkok. She has a candid, close relationship with Phichit, and is commonly seen watching and cheering for the skater.

Celestino Cialdini Edit

As Celestino is also Phichit's coach, the two are often seen together during Phichit's performances, as well as accompanying their student at the kiss and cry. The two are rarely seen interacting, but when they do, they are shown to be comfortable with each other's presence. Celestino sometimes makes comments on Phichit's and his other former students' programs to Satsuki.

Trivia Edit

  • Satsuki is a tribute to real life ex-skater Satsuki Muramoto who now works as a skating coach in Thailand.
  • After her appearance in Yuri!!! on Ice, Satsuki Muramoto is sometimes referred to as "Phichit's Coach" by fans visiting the rink where she coaches.[1]

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