Skate 7 - China's On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Free Program Edit

Satsuki is first seen cheering fiercely for Phichit free skate along with Celestino at the Cup of China. She is then later seen in the kiss and cry with Phichit, clapping at Phichit's score.

Final Skate - Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge it!!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate Edit

Satsuki is first seen rinkside with Celestino at the Barcelona GPF. She listens in interest when Celestino praises Jean-Jacques' performance. During Phichit's free skate, she and Celestino cheer for their student. Despite Phichit not being able to score high enough to place, Satsuki and Celestino are still seen proudly lifting Phichit's hand up at the kiss and cry.

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