• Yo!! In an attempt to spice things up a bit I decided to start a thread dedicated to fan content. You can link your favorite artists, writers, cosplayers, etc. or your own stuff! Or you could just talk about headcanons or AUs.¬†

    I'll start

    i bet leo is a hypebeast who owns seven pairs of supreme boxers one for every day of the week

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    • 7pt

      hi my favourite artist is uchiyin on instagram very high quality a+ art

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    • Doodle

      Lmao I have no idea what I just drew :)

      Lol guys, I have no idea what I just drew, lmao, it took me 15mins to doodle this now with a pen and pencil *Awkward coughing* Uh hope it's funny, lol I said hope xP (P.S I haven't drawn in like ages, years so lmao xD)
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    • I like to think that after Yuuri retires, he'll end up coaching at least one of the Nishigori triplets.

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