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    Yes, we're back to this age old issue, because it still isn't fixed. Let me preface this by saying that I've read Lia Schiffer's thread and I completely agree with her. The reason I am bringing this back is because the admins still refuse to fix it even after being asked to do so many times. Someone argued that "Correcting every instance of the K into a C would be long and tedious job and honestly just an utter headache", which is a fair point. So here's my offer - I'll do all that work for you. You won't have to move a finger, apart from giving me the option to edit articles. And then we won't have to argue about this stupid thing anymore.

    Victor is an equally valid transcription of the name as Viktor and it is the official one so there is absolutely no reason to use the unofficial one on a resource as large and as important as the fandom wikia. I'm sorry but you do not get to decide that you know how the character's name is spelled better than the people which created the character. Again, I don't think there is any excuse anymore to use the alternative spelling on a site as large as this. If you want to use it privately, cool, but please allow me to fix the fandom resource.

    Thank you.

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    • I think that Both Parties have already come to an agreement and as you've stated above and I quote "Victor is an equally valid transcription of the name as Viktor" well then thank you :)

      Anyways you seem familiar is this you by any chance? -

      Quote from Tumblr frm theshamelessyaoishipper: Hey guys, just wanted to say sorry for all the name discourse bs on my blog.

      I know it’s stupid and I know it’s pointless and I know it’s not worth anyone’s time.

      To be honest, I’ve been annoyed by people spelling Victor’s name as ‘Viktor’ for a while now but I’ve always kept it to myself because I know it’s not worth talking about and I don’t really want to cause drama or clutter up people’s dashes (and I especially don’t want to alienate people who spell it differently). It doesn’t really matter and it’s pretty inconsequential in the large scheme of things.

      I just, I don’t know, guess I just wanted to express my irritation publicly because I sort of wish that more people were aware that the official spelling is indeed Victor and that’s what we should be sticking to, if only out of respect for the authors. I mean, it’s used in the anime, on the official site, on many pieces of official merchandise so it sort of baffles me how many people still spell it with a ‘k’.

      Maybe what really bothers me is how many people prefer to disregard official material because apparently “they know better”.

      But yeah, I know it’s stupid, and I know that I can’t change anything. I’m not going to bully anyone for spelling it with a ‘k’, of course (but I’m still displeased with the attitude of the moderators on the wiki because they should be delivering as canon information as possible and spelling the name with the official spelling really isn’t that difficult and is a pretty basic expectation). I just wish that people knew that the official spelling is correct and should probably be used. Because I think that many people just don’t know it, and use the ‘k’ spelling because they think it’s “more correct” or because they’re used to it or because they’re uninformed that the ‘c’ spelling is perfectly fine, especially that it’s canon.

      Okay I’ll shut up now, this really isn’t worth anyone’s time and I’m sorry for making you guys read this. I just wish less people would reject the canon because there’s nothing wrong with the official spelling of Victor’s name.

      PS: I guess the saddest thing is that I told myself that I WON’T get involved in the name discourse because it’s not worth it. I can’t even stick to my original decisions, this is so sad. :’)

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    • Yeah, I don't think both parties have come to an agreement - the mods just seemed to brush the other person off and leave it at that without changing anything despite the person having very good arguments.

      And yeah, in general, both transcriptions are correct. But there is only one OFFICIAL ONE. Why can't you use that one? Why do you insist on using an unofficial one? Especially on a site as large as this. You have not yet answered my question. This wikia is very good and a lot of work is put into it and I really appreciate and respect that. And because the site is so important for the yoi fandom, I think it should use the OFFICIAL spelling - because many people use this as a reference for their fics or fanart or what have you.

      Like please, I'm not asking for the impossible, just please please please use the official spelling of the name. I get that you don't like it or don't like the people that ask you to change it, but please this is not a personal attack on you or your preferences - it's just that running such a large fandom resource comes with responsibilities and using the official spelling is such a simple and basic thing that I really see no excuse to encourage the unofficial spelling.

      And I understand that some people (probably including me) have been mean to you about the spelling and you don't want to concede and correct it because it'll be like you 'lost' to those people but please, let's put the pettiness aside and just use the correct spelling. I'm really not asking for much - just to deliver as accurate, unbiased information as possible, which is what you do anyway, it's just this one spelling that you seem to be clinging to for some reason. I don't want to say it's out of spite, but that's what it seems like. Please just fix it. It's really not worth discussing anymore.

      And no, that's not me.

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    • I'm sorry if I came off as rude, but I'm desperate here. Many people rely on you and trust you. And I feel like we're really not asking for much here - just please use the official spelling, please don't misinform the fandom. You do such a great job everywhere else, I don't see why you have to be so stubborn about this one thing.  I'll do anything you want, just please change it. Or please allow me to change it if it's too much work, just please please please. I really am desperate.

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    • You just said "Yeah, I don't think both parties have come to an agreement - the mods just seemed to brush the other person off and leave it at that without changing anything despite the person having very good arguments".

      Did you even read the thread? Without changing anything - let me show you the change
      Some people are blind, the official spelling has been acknowledged

      They actually did acknowledge it meaning they do respect Kubo Sensei - The Creator

      Um can't people read.

      Do people even read? If they do, do they understand??

      "let's put the pettiness aside and just use the correct spelling". Petty - hmm reminds me of this "The pot calling the Kettle Black" sound familiar, yeah every writer knows. I'm a pro etc etc...and I know that it's a very important resource for Writers, Artists etc etc but aren't they intelligentsia's, don't they already know that Victor is the official spelling? Butt some writers still use Viktor? It's a preference, it's up to you, I think the Wikia is trying to be inclusive, culturally and Linguistically. "Viktor" is more culturally accurate since the only way to spell Victor in Russian is Виктор = Viktor, They use the cyrillic K. There is no C in the Russian alphabet, every word that would have a C instead uses a K. If a Russian person spells it as Viktor will you bash them up/alienate them for doing that? I mean Victor/Viktor Nikiforov is canonically Russian right? Btw I use Victor but I'm not that petty or I just DGAF about petty things because I know about spelling variations? Ok now I also have an argument - Yuuri is not the offical sp. it should be Yuri  as seen on the Official merch and as intended by the creators of Yuri!!! On Ice, it's Yuri on Ice not Yuuri on ice is it? hmmm see how petty and dumb this is?

      No? Well then I have nothing more to say on this petty lil topic, I was just giving my 2 cents on this and I leave it to the Mods and Admins to handle this petty lil issue for now. Ed.- My professor who is a Dr. of English is inclusive to all spelling variations because English is a language which is ever evolving and inclusive of all literature/culture. I mean if pro's of Eng are so open minded about it then why can't we also be?

      Thank you (P.S if you're that despo then just make your own Wikia with Victor and 0% Viktors, nobody's stopping ya mate!)

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    • Let's just talk honestly, okay? Because I realized my mistake now.

      So first of all let me apologize - I'm sorry for being rude about this and demanding it so angrily. Anger only encourages anger so I know that my appreoach was wrong. And I think this is actually true for all people who ask you to change it - we're being self-righteous, and not polite and that is definitely a mistake on our side. So again, I'm sorry.

      I also understand why you would be irritated by so many people demanding that you change it - because being told that you're doing something wrong IS annoying, and being annoyed is a normal response. It's also normal to get defensive when you get attacked and you certainly got attacked a lot when it comes to this issue.

      But I would just like you to be aware that this is an issue for so many people because the wiki is such a good resource and is so commonly used. If you use "Viktor" on your personal blog, I don't think anyone has any right to attack you there - it's your blog, it's your choice. But I don't think that's the case in a community resource such as this one. This site is larger and more popular than you may assume. You have more power over the fandom than you think. And as the quote goes, with great power, comes great responsibility. And it is your responsiblility, as the creators of such a large fandom resource to stay as true to the source material as possible I understand that earlier in the season, it might have been unclear which spelling is oficial, but by now it is known, that it is indeed "Victor". As the source of reliable information, I do think it would be best to change it because this will continue to mislead people.

      And I understand why you don't want to change it: It's a hassle, some people will be unhappy, etc. I understand your reasons, but we wouldn't be asking for it, if it weren't relevant. You ARE an important resource and people DO take what you write seriously.

      If you do indeed acknowledge that Victor is the official spelling on the site (which you do, so I apologize for not giving you credit there), why don't you just correct all articles to spell his name with the official spelling? Who decided that you can't change the spelling now? Who decided that the unofficial one is better?

      I'm sorry for being so angry, but it's because it actually matters to some of us. We just want to make sure that misinformation isn't spread, that people don't try to argue that the creators are wrong. Could you please understand where we're coming from? It is not intended as a personal attack, it's just that this site is large and afffects many people in the fandom and we don't want them to get confused and dont want to progagate an unofficial spelling. I know it's annoying but we keep bothering you with it because we care. Please just understand.

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    • And I've just seen your response and I think that Yuuri should also be changed to Yuri if we're staying true to official material (which I think is the point of a wikia).

      And "Viktor is more culturally accurate" is an opinion, not a fact, because there are many exceptions to the rule. There are Russian Victors out there that prefer having their name romanized with a C. Considering that Victor canoncially speaks both English and French? I think he would be able to decide how he wants his name romanized. I'm all up for being inclusive, but you can keep that to the trivia, not use it for the entire article when we know the official spelling. Which you even acknowledge, but still somehow refuse to use in the article. Wouldn't it be better to do the opposite? Use "Victor" for the entire article and just note that "Viktor is a more common romanization of the name"? Becuase I do think that it confuses many people. And I think the priority for a wikia should be staying true to the source material and not trying to be as culturally accurate as possible. You're essentially a database, not a place to debate the cultural accuracy of names.

      I understand that you personally don't care, but we only ask for such a big resource to use the official name in the articles in order to not confuse fans/newcomers. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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