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Toshiya Katsuki (Japanese: 勝生 利也, Katsuki Toshiya) is the father of Yuuri and Mari Katsuki.


Together with his wife Hiroko, Toshiya runs Yu-topia Katsuki, the last remaining hot springs resort in Hasetsu.


Katsuki Family

Toshiya with his wife and daughter.

Toshiya wears brown-rimmed glasses and a red bow tie. He also wears a grey shirt with "Yu-topia" written on the lapels and a green waistcoat. He has dark grey hair and usually wears it parted in the center. His eyes are usually closed, though they will occasionally open when he is surprised.


Toshiya is a cheerful individual who likes to make jokes. Later on, it is revealed that he becomes rambunctious when drunk, a trait he passed on to Yuuri.[1]


Yuuri Katsuki

Toshiya is Yuuri's father. He is very supportive of his figure skating career, although he does not know much about figure skating.[2]

Hiroko Katsuki

Toshiya is Hiroko's husband, and together they run Yu-topia Katsuki.

Mari Katsuki

Toshiya is Mari's father. Mari works with both her parents in running Yu-topia Katsuki.


  • "Wow, you look just like your Mom Yuuri." (to Yuuri)[3]
  • "You've gained weight easily, ever since you were a boy but what can you do." (to Yuuri)[4]


  • Toshiya does not know much about figure skating, he's more of a soccer fan.[2]
  • The toshi (利) in Toshiya (利也) is also the ri in Yuuri (勇利) and Mari (真利).
  • Crunchyroll incorrectly romanizes his name in the first episode as "Toshio".


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