i've seen a lot of people saying that yuri on ice should be labelled as a shounen-ai anime. i disagree. yuri and viktor's relationship is much deeper than those in bl anime, and it is much more realistic, with none of that sparkly yaoi shit. this anime has broken so many stereotypes. yoi is one of the rarer animes that portray gay relationships realistically. (with the exception of no. 6, but it is classified as shounen-ai). think about it. there are so many homosexual stereotypes in anime. these stereotypes are usually negative and portray gay people as weird and unnatural. (e.g. puri-puri prisoner from one punch man)

yuuri and viktor's relationship is treated like you would treat any other (straight) relationship, which is how it should be all the time. yuuri and viktor are normal people in a normal relationship. from the very beginning, viktor uses the gender-ambiguous word koibito (恋人). this word is important becuase it erases the heteronormativity that is prevalent in most animes. (some of you may have noticed that the subbers used girlfriend, rather the correct translation, lover. this is heteronormativity.). in episode 6, when phichit posted the picture of viktor and yuuri together, yuuri was worried about others thinking that he was slacking off, rather than worrying about being seen with viktor, like you'd might expect in animes with queerbaiting and fanservice. labelling yoi as a shounen-ai or yaoi would be putting it in the same category as the gay porn made for fujoshis.

tldr: yuri on ice is not a shounen-ai anime and shouldn't be labelled as so. :) 

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