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    Seung-gil Lee is a Godsend

    November 26, 2016 by CCyclone
    You guys have no idea how happy I am that Seung-gil Lee exists. He's the first positive respresentation of a Korean character in anime that I've seen in a while. I was really nervous about him because of what happened with Hetalia oh so long ago, where they made Yongsoo, the South Korean country rep, and made him so disrespectful that the Korean government said Hetalia couldn't make him a character.
    So I'm just...I'm so glad that Seung-gil is such a great character. He's cute, he's got a fantastic and unique personality, he's talented and he's not disrespectful in any way to Korean culture or the country. I'm a huge fan of South Korea, and I hope to go there some day. Considering the discourse between Japan and South Korea (they kind of ha…
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  • CCyclone

    So the fanservice, right? xD The fanservice in this show is fantastic. And I love it. But I only have one problem with it; the target audience they're marketing the fanservice to is going rabid and tend to forget that that's all it is; fanservice. It's not canonical.

    And that's what bugs me; why would they bother with making all this fanservice and all this romantic and adorable and downright precious romance-- if they're not even a thing??? If this goes the way of Free! and Haikyuu!!  etc., where they're just shown being physical and crap but they're canonically friends, then there's no point in all the fanservice except to fuel the rabid fangirls' dreams and make them shove down our throats that ITS CANON, when in reality, it's not.

    The wh…

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