So the fanservice, right? xD The fanservice in this show is fantastic. And I love it. But I only have one problem with it; the target audience they're marketing the fanservice to is going rabid and tend to forget that that's all it is; fanservice. It's not canonical.

And that's what bugs me; why would they bother with making all this fanservice and all this romantic and adorable and downright precious romance-- if they're not even a thing??? If this goes the way of Free! and Haikyuu!!  etc., where they're just shown being physical and crap but they're canonically friends, then there's no point in all the fanservice except to fuel the rabid fangirls' dreams and make them shove down our throats that ITS CANON, when in reality, it's not.

The whole thing that frustrates me about the endless fanservice in Yuri is that, if they're going to smack us in the face with all this, why don't they just out and out say that they're a couple??? 

Unless they're waiting until the end of the season to get them together, I'm willing to bet money that they're just going to leave them as "Coach and Student" (Viktor and Yuri), and never confirm anything. If it's going to be like that in the same way Free! is, I'm wondering if they're going to bridge the gap and make them canonically together, or just leave it open-ended.

That's the only thing that bothers me about the show; they don't confirm or deny anything >:"U Just stop teasing and tell us if they're a thing or not!

If they are it's fine, if they aren't it's fine, but to me, it's incredibly frustrating to be teased so much and not get a definitive answer...I hope I'm not the only one x'D

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