You guys have no idea how happy I am that Seung-gil Lee exists. He's the first positive respresentation of a Korean character in anime that I've seen in a while. I was really nervous about him because of what happened with Hetalia oh so long ago, where they made Yongsoo, the South Korean country rep, and made him so disrespectful that the Korean government said Hetalia couldn't make him a character.
So I'm just...I'm so glad that Seung-gil is such a great character. He's cute, he's got a fantastic and unique personality, he's talented and he's not disrespectful in any way to Korean culture or the country. I'm a huge fan of South Korea, and I hope to go there some day. Considering the discourse between Japan and South Korea (they kind of hate each other, but thankfully it's been toning down in recent years), it's truly a miracle to see a Korean character represented so well in an anime.
TBH when I first saw his picture just scrolling around Google, I couldn't wait for him to show up. And now that he's here...I think Viktor will have to compete for No. 1 in my heart xDDD
Anyone else love him as much as I do? Or is it just me who loves Seung-ssi~

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