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    So after Yuri on Ice ended I've been searching through every YOI Au I coul find but...

    I just REALLY love the YOI x Pokemon Au's, just, imagine all the love and friendship. It's so cute.

    Imagine Yuuri with a small little Magikarp and it evolving into this calm and gentle, but incredibly strong Gyarados. LIKE FUCKING IMAGINE IT. Yuuri would be those trainers who seem weak as hell but each pokemon has the best stats, best moves, and best items...He'll have a team with a good mix of all kinds of types. Probably an Attack and Defence team. ( Imagine him being asked for a battle because the opponent thought he was weak but 5 seconds in the battle and their pokemon is already defeated while Yuuri's just like, "Um, I think you should take your Poke…

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  • FujiNoHanamaru

    im ded rip sayonara

    December 1, 2016 by FujiNoHanamaru

    Episode 9???? Viktor??? What do you mean it's like a marriage proposal??? Are you trying to kill me??? 

    Like, they were running for each other at the airport??? Makkachin was alive, and, and, and then Yuri with Yurio??? What are they BFF's now???? HHHHHAAAaaaaaa..... 

    My heart can't take this anymore

    It's too much, I love Yuri On ice, it's my life now...

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  • FujiNoHanamaru


    November 26, 2016 by FujiNoHanamaru


    ( and let's put aside that I had been fighting with autocorrect which had been changing Yurio into Curio.... )

    Anyways, everyone. Does anyone notice hoW CUTE Yurio was with his Grandpa. Right when he spotted him he literally jumped onto him with the most biggest smile, then started apologizing when Grandpa hurt his back....So cute...jUst, so, cute. ( cuteness you could never imagine from the "russian yankee" that yuuri calls him )

    There was a slight difference in his voice as well. It was much more softer and more childish compared to when he is with Victor or Yuuri. It's was also so heartwarming to see that Yurio talks about the Pork Cutlet Bowls he at…

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