LOL i accidentally pressed enter before I even wrote this post, sorry omg

basically I just wanted to talk about how important Ji is!! (Other than the fact that he's cute af and deserves all the happiness in the world)! I know it might not seem like it, but having a Chinese character in an anime is a pretty big deal. Chinese and Japanese citizens (or more accurately, netizens) have had a long history of disputes and general dislike of each other (at least, from the Japanese side). Chinese are often stereotyped as dirty, loud, pushy, annoying and intrusive, etc. Relations on a political level are also pretty strained. SO for a Chinese person to be put into a massively commericalized anime and even be portrayed as cute is super awesome.

I know that the personalities/appearances of the characters are really not dependent on the stereotypes of the countries that they're from, and that the characters were probably just randomly assigned to countries, but the fact that a Chinese character exists (and the fact that two episodes are based in skate China) is a super new concept. 

Also, a TON of Chinese teens are into anime / manga / Jdramas / Kdramas, even though Chinese people almost never get any positive recognition in them (i.e. the mention of China is almost entirely restricted to Chinese gangsters or China dress). The fact that, hey, this super popular anime has a cute Chinese guy in it, is no doubt a pleasant surprise to many Chinese fans (he is called 小季 xiaoji on Chinese anime websites, an affectionate nickname). Also a ton of Chinese-American weebs (like me lol) are very happy about that.

I know I'm just overreacting by trying to highlight positive representation of Chinese people/culture in foreign media but I'm so happy, it's so uncommon.

I just wish we got to see more of bby ji :'(

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