Yo, there have been multiple accusations of us "spreading false information" and being disrespectful to Kubo-sensei with our work on this wiki. Due to the fact that, at our personal discretion, we have decided to spell Viktor's name with a "k" instead of a "c".

First, let's get things straight. Never have we EVER claimed to be a reputable or credible source. This is a fan wiki -- emphasis on fan. Fan. Wiki. As in, we could literally make up whatever the hell we wanted on articles without any obligation to being true to facts.

Of course, we have no intention of doing that. We have tried our best to collect as much information and media as possible to make the wiki a useful resource for fans. 

If you feel like our decision to spell Viktor's name the way we prefer invalidates the countless hours put into building and maintaining this wiki, that's fine! Go follow your dreams. Make your own YOI wiki where Viktor is spelled with a "c" and everything is perfect. Nothing's stopping you! You obviously have plenty of time on your hands. Turn the arguing into something more constructive :)

But as long as this wiki is in our hands, we have the right to do anything with it. We're always open to suggestions, but keep in mind that belligerent and importunate behavior almost never does any favors. People don't like being complained about! It puts them on the defensive! It's basic psychology, folks. It's really sad if you're a grown-ass adult and you don't know this... maybe hit up your local community college for social interaction classes or something?

Anyways, thanks for reading! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :^)

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