ya highly unpopular opinion coming your way toot toot / maybe its just me ;-;

like the amount of work put into just one season is overwhelming, should MAPPA spend all their resources into a season 2?

the expectations for a season 2 would be really high, since victor said the thing at the end to yuri. how many competitions is that gonna be??? its probably gonna kill the writers to think of a monologue that would fit every single skate (it already kind of went haywire starting from ep 11), and while im genuinely content to watch skating without monologue, its gonna kill the animators to do it. and all the songs that would have to come with it???

my personal wish is that they churn out a few OVAs instead, one looking at the past perhaps, and a few others looking at how the other skaters fare after the gpf (the pair skate was great but i felt a disconnect from the rest of the well-developed skaters argghh), and maybe one simply about victuri's relationship? or why yuri p is in hasetsu??? WHY WAS HE THERE IS HE NOW THEIR SON FOR GOOD

i wouldnt complain about them making a season 2 though, obviously. there has to be some sort of proper closure for this season PLEASE. i just think having OVAs which would put less stress on MAPPA to produce would be a much better alternative than a high stakes second season.

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