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  • MaruKitty

    So...I recommended my uncle watch Yuri On Ice, and here were his results

    Me: Do you like Japanese Yuuri?

    My uncle: He's cool

    Me: Do you like Viktor?

    My uncle: He's awesome

    Me: Do you like Russian Yuri?

    My uncle: He's the worst one

    Me: ...inhales...ok...

    edit: I asked the rest of my family and they all hate Yurio...I's good to stand out...right...? True...he was awful in the first couple of episodes, but he BECAME BETTER I SWEAR!

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  • MaruKitty

    Some Title

    November 21, 2017 by MaruKitty

    Someone: breathes on Yuuri

    Viktor 1 hour later:

    I apologise if my photoshop skills suck

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  • MaruKitty

    Random meme

    November 16, 2017 by MaruKitty

    I'm leaving this meme here, since I did awfully in my last math test

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  • MaruKitty
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  • MaruKitty

    I decided to wonder what Yuri!!! On Ice characters would be if they were reversed:


    Yuuri Katsuki: Never gets fat and his hobby is hating on pork cutlet bowls with a passion. He is mentally healthy and has no eating disorders. He hates Viktor Nikiforov and he threw a HAPPY HAPPY PARTY when Vicchan died. His worst enemy is Phichit, and Yuuri also won his first competition. 

    Viktor Nikiforov: A terrible ice skater. Has failed to win any competitions. He follows Yakov's instructions all the time, and he is never smiling. Also, he is NOT GAY! He hates Yuuri Katsuki and was not impressed with the viral video on YouTube.

    Yuri Plisetsky: THE MOE ONE! The sweetest of them all. Quiet, always smiles and encourages everyone to always do t…

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