I'm still in a daze on Chester's passing. Linkin Park's been such a vital piece in my life. Ever since I've discovered them in 5th grade, through mu cousin's iPod, my elementary and high school life were bearable. Like I said I like rock, metal, and punk music, though still the important factor that makes me like certain artists is the nessage of their songs. Fck LP's the first artist I like when I got aware of the notion of liking this and that's.

Chester's passing practically tore my life. Linkin Park's never gonna be the same. I regret not pleading hard enough to my mom to let me attend their concert when they went here 4 years ago. My heart is screaming for Toru and Taka of OOR, especially Toru.

Chester Bennington, thank you for the past 10 years. Your voice still lives on inside of me. I hope your in a better place now. May you rest in paradise. ⬛


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