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  • Sm0lS1nnAm0nR0ll

    Okay so I'm rewatching episode 1 and I noticed something..

    So Viktor is the competition doing Stay Close to Me while Yuuri is doing the same skate back in the Ice Castle rink in Hatsetsu at the same time (because the way the POV switches from Yuuri to Viktor and vise versa throughout the entire skate is to show they're doing it alongside one another even though they aren't together) ^assumption^

    Well the second quad in the Stay Close to Me routine is the quadruple flip, which is Viktor's signature move. We can assume Yuuri can't do a quad flip because the times he is shown to attempt it in the competitions he touches down or just gets in enough rotations (minus episode 12 when he finally lands it).

    But the thing is, after the skate is finishe…

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  • Sm0lS1nnAm0nR0ll

    Okay so like when I say completely random I mean COMPLETELY RANDOM

    Was just scrolling through and was wondering why some of the character's in their profiles it has their blood types and some of them it doesn't? Like just out of curiosity where was this info found?? I must be missing some massive source of info (I don't have much social media so maybe?) or I'm completely oblivious which isn't completely out of the question anyways XD

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