Despite the joking title I'm mostly not joking here. Mostly...I'd actually prepared a reply and all to the mess on Vi*tor's comments page but honestly it's just not worth it...

Really though the #discourse is comepletely ridiculous and there's absolutely no reason to harass people over which spelling they prefer to use. Both versions of Vi*tor's are correct?? Evgenia Medvedeva uses Viktor (and Yuriy) and Kubo has seen her use it and doesn't care??? Do you think this discourse exists in the yoi world too or do you think they know they have more important things to argue over (like whether or not he's being overscored and if there's judge bias)??? They mean the same thing??? They're both valid??? Misinformation would be saying that he's evil or that he has a secret fiancee or that he has cancer??? An alternate spelling is just that??? An Alternate Spelling??? Alternate??? We follow Wikipedia's example with Real Figure Skaters ??? It doesn't alter the meaning of the page at all??? Everyone knows who you're talking about whichever one you use??? There are???better ways to???"""contribute"""???

Also who's in favor of just deleting any and all comments that deal with that #discourse topic from now on because there's honestly no point in keeping it there...we have more important things to concentrate on anyways, like the episode summaries, program descriptions, and the merch page...why focus on something so small...I get that there's a lot of misinformation making its rounds through the fandom but this insignificant. It shouldn't be this much of an issue...

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