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  • ViktorNikiforov

    Sooo... I've been watching Yuri!! On ICE and I've noticed a few things. One of this show's most 'alluring' qualities seems to be it's fanservice. Now here's the thing, this isn't the usual 'Senpai notices his shota girl admirer’ sort of fanservice, not to mention it’s not even on the same level as gay fanservice from other animes (lookin’ at you Free!). THIS ANIME’S OUT OF THE FREAKIN’ BALLPARK. IT’S CREATED A WHOLE NEW LEAGUE. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE THE GAY JUST INTENSIFIES EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE. THIS WHOLE ANIME IS PURE CONCENTRATED GAYNESS. AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. I MEAN REALLY. I don’t know what kind of person thought this would be a good idea, but they’re a flippin’ GENIUS. This whole anime is beautiful in so many ways, and the ga…

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