Vicchan (Japanese: ヴィっちゃん Vuitchan)[1] was a toy[2] poodle owned by Yuuri Katsuki. Vicchan's full name is Victor, but is referred to as Vicchan by both Yuuri and Yuuri's mother, Hiroko. As of the start of the series, Vicchan is already deceased.


Yuuri, after having learned that his skating idol Victor Nikiforov owned a poodle, decided to get a poodle as well, whom he decided to name Victor.[3]

Vicchan died a couple months before Yuuri's first Grand Prix Final. Yuuri, who had not seen Vicchan for five years, was unable to attend the funeral, which led him to feel depressed and anxious before the competition. This caused him to perform poorly.[3]

Currently, there is a small shrine dedicated to Vicchan in the Katsuki residence, Yu-topia Katsuki. The picture in the shrine is that of a young Yuuri beside Vicchan. Vicchan's dog tag is also placed at the shrine.


Vicchan has a chocolate coloration usually referred to as red, and has curly fur like most poodles. Vicchan is small, being of the toy poodle breed. Vicchan wore a red collar.[4]

Vicchan's gender is not explicitly stated.


  • Vicchan lived out a normal lifespan[2], implying that the cause of death was most likely old age.
  • Yuuri's phone lock screen features a picture of Vicchan.[3]
  • Yuuri tears up when he sees a poodle at the competition site Iceberg Skating Palace after the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, implying he probably misses his own Vicchan a lot.[3]
  • Yuuri sometimes sees Vicchan in Makkachin, urging Victor to take care of Makkachin the way he wished he could have taken care of Vicchan.[5]
  • In the English dub, Vicchan is simply referred to as Victor.


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