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"Welcome to The Madness" is a song composed by Tarou Umebayashi and features vocals by Steve Mcnair. It is written in a heavy-metal style and a rock style.

This song was planned to be the exhibition skate of Yuri Plisetsky, but ended up not being shown within the first season of Yuri!!! on Ice. On April 10, 2017, it was announced that the skate will be included as a bonus in Volume 6 of the Yuri!!! on Ice Blu-ray & DVD.

Otabek Altin will appear in Yuri's exhibition skate, but not skating with the latter (unlike how Victor skates together in Yuuri's exhibition skate).[1] How he will actually appear in the exhibition skate is still not made clear.


Welcome to the madness
Can you hear them scream
This world is cold and cruel
from the hell
with endless dream

This world is cold and madness

Dead or alive fight back
And despair is your knife
It's time to stand up

I know it's crazy
the world we live in
I might be crazy
to believe in

聞こえるから 彼ら叫びが


生死をかけて 立ち向かえ
絶望こそ 君のナイフ


Trivia Edit

  • Yuri came up with the program for his exhibition skate the night before the actual performance.[1]
  • In-series, Otabek is the one who chooses Yuri's exhibition skate song, as requested for by Yuri.[1]

References Edit

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