'YuTra♨' Yuri!!! on ICE Soundtrack COLLECTION (「ユートラ♨」ユーリ!!! on ICE/サウンド・トラックCOLLECTION) is the original soundtrack of Yuri!!! on Ice. It is scheduled for release on July 28, 2017.

The soundtrack will include music from the Yuri!!! on Ice TV anime, scores, and other musical pieces.


Track no. Track Name
1. History Maker (TV size)
2. Serenade for two (reprise)
3. Fanfare on ICE
4. Kiss and Sky
5. Let's Go Skatin'
6. Warming Up!
7. Right Next Door to A Tiger
8. 3+2
9. ゆーとら♨
10. Reverie
11. Memories on Ice
12. Tweeting
13. Showdown
14. 5+7
15. Garden of April
16. Gigue of St.Petersburg
17. Minako's mood
18. Tense 1
19. Kamome
20. Drifter
21. Tiger Hole
22. Run & Run & Run
23. Hug Tight
24. ピアノ練習曲ロ短調 (Piano etude in h-moll)
25 Poppo
26 F.Chopin Prelude in E moll Op.28-4
27 Afternoon Waltz
28 Yuri on ICE (1st sketch)
29 Tense 2
30 Heartbeats
31 Passacaille in Barcelona
32 At The Airport
33 Prism
34 Circles
35 Yeah Yeah Yeah
36 Piano Trio Appasionato
37 You Only Live Once (#7 TV size version)

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