"Yuri on ICE" is composed by Tarou Umebayashi. Yuuri Katsuki performs to this song for his free skate. It is also the namesake of the anime.

This song was played throughout the first official teaser trailer for Yuri!!! on Ice.[1]

In the show itself, the song was composed by Ketty Abelashvili, a music conservatory student whom Yuuri and Phichit Chulanont had befriended while they were studying in Detroit.

Background Edit

Yuri on ice demo ep4

Yuuri listens to original demo

Yuri on ICE was first heard when Yuuri chose his free skate music. Unable to decide on a song for his free program, Yuuri first intended to use a song that was made for him some time ago. His previous coach Celestino Cialdini had advised against it, and it was turned down again by Victor Nikiforov.

Determined to arrange a free skate that represented himself, Yuuri discovers that his friend Phichit still maintained contact with the music student who had composed his previous piece. A few days later, the track was completed and sent to Yuuri. Victor approved of the tune immediately and was able to choreograph the free skate with Yuuri. When asked what he was going to name the untitled track, Yuuri chooses to call it Yuri on ICE.[2]

Description Edit

Yuri on ICE is an instrumental piece arranged in E flat major and three-quarter measure and features a piano as the main instrument. A string orchestra and drums provide background music to the piano at certain points in the piece. The song centres around the theme of love and Yuuri's progression as an figure skater.

Victor provides a slight narration to the piece during Yuuri's free skate. The beginning of the track represents a point where Yuuri felt alone in his life. The gradual entrance of strings and drums into the piece can be seen to illustrate Victor's entrance into Yuuri's life, and the piano solo at the midway mark represents Yuuri's discovery of an emotion similar to love.[3]

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